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College is Easy

April 28, 2011

Really, college is not difficult. I mean, what do you have to do? Show up to class, do your readings, write a 13 page paper about The Birth of Tragedy, and set your alarm. It’s so easy it’s almost boring. If only college really was the idyllic academic bubble that so many of us dream of.

Reed Seifer, New York is a lot of work (click through for image source)

Higher education gets difficult when the real world decides to intervene. If no one had strokes, had tumors, if I hadn’t decided that a long-distance relationship with an insomniac was a good idea, if I had a lot of money, maybe then college would be easy.

If I could live on Netflix Instant, granola bars, and academia alone, well then I would probably be on the Dean’s List.

Sometimes I tell people that college is a 4 year intermission, 4 years set aside for us YOUNG ADULTS to act stupid, read some books, and build up a liquor tolerance. Unfortunately for me, and most of the people I know, it’s an exercise in financial restraint, a lesson in balancing your social life with your check book (I had to get my first checkbook to pay my rent, that was exciting). Last semester during finals I was sleeping on two yoga mats on my floor because, well, I fucked up and spent my money on things for my apartment believing that my mother would get me a mattress.

Maybe college is easy. If you aren’t going to a private university in Manhattan. Maybe I am just a spoiled dumb ass, or maybe I chose a school that had the writing program I wanted with small seminar classes in the best city in the world. Maybe I shouldn’t have to wonder how I’m going to pay for my next meal just because I picked a school that, academically, was the best fit for me.

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