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My Blackberry, My Significant Other

April 7, 2011

My computer crashed this morning. After the near-tears breakdown and panic attack my journalism class lovingly watched I hunkered down, made an appointment at the Genius Bar for later today and decided my life and the newly minted Gallery Pieces was in for a hiatus.
But never fear, my little minxes, WordPress has a blackberry app and if Julia Chesky can run a blog from her blackberry (the scopophelia’s dream, Blackberry Vision), then why can’t I? I wrote the majority of my last post in the memo pad app on my phone anyways.
Where would I be without my trust white Blackberry Curve? How many times have I gotten lost in Greenwich Village and stood on the corner of Bleecker and God knows what pouring over Google Maps? How would I ever entertain myself during lectures on Film Noir if it weren’t for BBM, and would I ever get home when I was lost in Brooklyn if it weren’t for hopstop?
How did anyone survive in New York City before the smartphone?
My phone is entrusted with my greatest secrets. It has seen the beginning, and end of many relationships (I might have broken up with my ex-boyfriend via text message while have a rather prolific viewing of Alfie, do not judge, this is the modern age). My phone is there for me with Brickbreaker when the Lorimer st. homeless man is complimenting me, she has powerpoint if I ever feel the need to make a corporate style presentation on the importance of corn dogs, and I most certainly would have failed my journalism class if I did not have all of the news apps that keep me so informed.
I am a child of the 90s who matured in the early 2000’s and, my God, do I need my phone.

Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.

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  1. April 7, 2011 7:27 pm


    • April 8, 2011 12:13 pm

      Thanks! I’ll be getting it back in 5-7 days. I am having to relearn how to live.

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