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Why I Love Bushwick

April 5, 2011

The other night I had an enlightening conversation with a friend. How the hell am I surviving in Bushwick? I come from Annapolis, Maryland. I went to a small prep school that was featured in Gardening and Debauchery. I don’t know how to survive in the real world (#prepschoolproblems). I wear heels and Ralph Lauren, but I love Bushwick. Let me count the ways, darling.

Hipster photographs on the roof of my apartment

  • The guy at the Bodega who wants to marry me. He wants to take to Egypt and we won’t come back until we have “3 or 4 babies”. This might be a reason to hate Bushwick actually, but at least someone loves me.
  • My apartment is dirt cheap, has big windows, and my bedroom is bigger than the one I had when I was living with my parents. The floors are uneven and sometimes the Landlord forgets about me and roommate, but at least it’s big.
  • The 12 year old boys who live near me.
  • Urban Jungle is crack.  Furs for $40, it’s organized, and it’s in walking distance from my apartment. But please don’t shop there, it is mine, not yours.
  • The dirty streets are the perfect backdrop for my latest sartorial choices. I dress like an aging starlet now, all I know are oversized wraps, giant dresses, and oversized sunglasses. I am one gin & tonic away from buying a turban and wearing it every day. Every time I walk by a used diaper I feel like a fallen Hollywood star left torch singing in seedy bars. Every day I don a trench coat is a new film noir adventure in Bushwick.
  • Really cheap coffee. Hello Little Skips, I dig your inexpensive coffee and free wifi. Your chairs with frayed fabric and overflowing stuffing make me feel better about the lack of furniture in my apartment.
  • My best friend in New York lives a few blocks away from me. Friends in close proximity is the key to surviving in New York. Max is always there for me when I don’t have enough money to get dinner or I am too depressed to stand talking to people who haven’t known me for years.
  • Myrtle Ave is an exciting place. Walking under the tracks of the JMZ, surrounded by fast food joints and Chinese take-out restaurants, I feel like I’m in Bladerunner. It is amazing. Once I walked up Myrtle Ave for so long I came upon a suburban paradise with a movie theatre, a Bank of America, and a haberdashery. A haberdashery! Brooklyn, you are amazing.
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