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On the Plus Side, I Don’t Have School Until Monday

October 30, 2012

Bruce Springsteen – 4th Of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)

At the end of August I moved from Bushwick into my boyfriend’s apartment in Long Island City.

Living in LIC during Sandy has been all sorts of exciting. We’re ok (we live on top of a hill near an evacuation center) but a lot of Long Island City was dealing with flooding last night. I went out with my camera the night before Sandy hit and this afternoon. If you want to see (blurry) pictures of the Vernon Boulevard area during the storm check out my twitter.

The Night Before

Construction on the 7 train

The Day After

Today I wanted to walk to Gantry Plaza since we could not even get close to Center Street last night. The water had gone down, the park was filled with people ignoring “Do Not Enter” signs, but people were mostly silent. I could hear sirens from Manhattan, the creaking of construction in the wind, and the ever present lapping of waves.

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For When You Love Me Like a Beautiful Corpse

December 6, 2011

“When he was very young, Thomas Mann wrote a naively entrancing story about death: in that story death is beautiful, as it is beautiful to all those who dream of it when they are very young, when death is still unreal and enchanting, like the bluish voice of distances.”

The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera

I will rest in peace, I won’t wander on the heels of my best friends shouting “booh” at their most tender moments, as long as I die in a wonderful way. This is something I’ve thought a lot about. Mostly in the bath tub, sometimes at parties. I really enjoy making frightening declarations about my death, especially over Kentucky Gentlemen and National Bohemian. Here is how I would like to die.

Stella McCartney silk Playsuit, $195

I have finally cracked and am living alone on some large estate. I wear only silk and lace. One day while wandering the grounds in a turban, a Chinese silk jacket, and far too much lipstick AC shows up. I know what I did. We duel with antique pistols. I die, she holds my body and cries, covered in blood. The official story is that I died while cleaning my beloved pistol collection. She knows what she did.

Halston Heritage shorts, $325

I am a retired assassin. Only 25, I have too much money and a whole life ahead of me. I move to Australia and open up a Mexican restaurant called Maria’s Taco. There are sequins everywhere. It is everything you want when you arrive in Australia immediately after watching Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. I made a lot of enemies as an assassin, but the Australian outback is the perfect place to hide out (even if you’re wearing Tribute platforms every day). I’m not very good at running a business. Due to an electrical issue I forgot to fix Maria’s Taco burns down in a glorious show of sequins, spicy ground beef, and Abba songs. I am trapped inside.

Egenia Kim hair clip, $88

I drain my bank account and book the Dior suite at the St. Regis. I buy the chicest black dress I can find, write a melodramatic suicide note, and die from a sleeping pill over dose on a fainting couch. But only after eating steak frites and a red velvet cupcake.

Sometimes I Take Breaks From Watching Breaking Bad to Have a Life

October 21, 2011

Betty's so into fall.

Last night I went to a pumpkin carving party. As a true fashion-victim, I go for gold rather than practical.

vintage purse and cape, French Connection top, Gap jeans

New York is so windy you guys! Not only this is cape ridiculous, but it’s wool and thus the ultimate in warm. Look at the draping, don’t I look so funky? When I showed up at the party someone immediately asked if I was dressed up as someone from Harry Potter. Rude much? Just because I am wearing a bright purple cape with a magical hood doesn’t mean I’m Professor Trelawney.

Okay, okay, I’ll accept my fate and I’ll go back to petting Betty and drinking pumpkin beer and playing with tarot cards. Fashion determines fate.

The Best of I Love Your Shoes

October 13, 2011


May she rest in peace. 2009-2011

You Will Never Wear Commes

October 12, 2011

Instead of going home between classes and work, I’ve been shopping. Here are some of my purchases.

Top and skirt from H&M

This is one of those outfits that fashion bloggers would normally have pictures of them buying flowers or holding a baguette or doing something else equally adorable in.
I wore this and sat on a street corner lamenting the fact that I missed Kanye West when he went to Zuccotti Park to check out Occupy Wall Street. Then I had to go to work. I WILL BE YOUR DIRTY WHITE BITCH KANYE! I PROMISE!

Dress from Forever 21, Shoes by Gap, Purse by Chanel

I originally went shopping the other day because I needed some disgusting pants to wear to work (I work in a kitchen, I am not even going to pretend that I look cute at work. I wear jeggings and sperrys to work. I spend all of my time there covered in butter) Whenever I’m looking for gross pants to wear I go to Forever 21. As I was heading towards the check out line with my acid wash jeggings, this silver dress caught my eye.
I had visions of Anjelica Huston dancing, high on coke, at Studio 54. I would be Ms. Huston. I would be her in every Halston dress ever, but mine would only cost $30. I needed that dress.

Kat from my roommate

Unfortunately, once I put the dress on I realized that i looked like a Slavic porn star and/or a teenager in the 70’s nervously waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up on prom night.
I don’t care though, I will wear this dress forever.

Coming Soon to Gallery Pieces

October 11, 2011

Vintage Versace cut-offs, French Connection top

Look, I can’t get away from le fashion. Today I made a video demonstrating how my dress matches my ceiling. I have a problem, and I want to share the love with all of you (again). Starting…soon, AC aka Amanda Callahan and I will be doing “outfit” posts and transitioning the I Love Your Shoes tumblr over to here.

This does not mean I will stop covering #OccupyWallStreet. This is a “lifestyle” blog (I don’t know what that means, but sometimes I tell people this is NonSociety for hipsters so there’s that) and I don’t think that fashion and politics are mutually exclusive. If you’re not interested in fashion then…I’m sorry, but this is also the same blog that has a post about seeing penises all of the time, so maybe you should learn to embrace something beautiful (fashion, fashion is beautiful).

I know that many people see supporting #OccupyWallStreet and being a fan of fashion as mutually exclusive things. These people are wrong. The corporatization of fashion has ruined a lot of houses, the constant need for profit has turned the true couture artist into an endangered species and made luxury goods nothing but wretched status symbols. One can appreciate the artistry behind design and still be behind economic reform. Don’t worry, I’ll elaborate on all of this at a later date.

Linking the Revolution part 2 (Occupy the Links)

October 11, 2011


Once again, if you have any great articles or youtube videos that you would like to share, please leave a link in the comment section.

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